Our mission is clear

Emerald Hills Institute builds an inclusive community through active conversations among different faiths, cultures, and world views. Our differences are opportunities for connection, and we find compassionate ways to support each other through the channels of art, culture, humanities, education, and stewardship.

Who are we?

Emerald Hills is a Utah based non-profit organization. We work with individuals and organizations all background and faiths to learn more about each other, cooperate on meaningful projects, and build stronger bonds. Emerald Hills works to promote projects and initiatives for community enrichment.
We do not advocate on behalf of any political party or government agency domestically or abroad; this ensure a neutral role in politics and religion

Our Vision

Emerald Hills Institute supports the sharing of ideas – but true change happens in partnership with action. Our vision is to enable the actions of service to others whenever possible as it leads to supporting, strengthening, and nurturing our shared and diverse community. Through the arts, culture, humanities, and compassionate service we do our best to fan the flames of human dignity, self-worth, and celebration of our many differences. We dedicate ourselves to using these tools as we work with the people in this remarkable state to enable our fellows towards the greatest expression of their intrinsic human dignity.

Green is a color associated with verdant growth and abundance. In the Abrahamic traditions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, green is associated with plant life and fertility – a symbol pointing to heavenly abundance in an otherwise dry and dusty world. For many Eastern traditions, green jade held a mystical quality – this translucent stone could be polished to a supernal sheen, and always stayed cool to the touch. It was the precious stone of emperors and heavenly emissaries, representing new life, regeneration, and hope. Maize in South America, wheat in North America, and other sacred grains sustaining life around the world – green associated with these is a symbol of health and well being.

These impressions were in our minds when we chose the name “Emerald Hills” – this is an institute with an eye to the happiness and growth of every person, from every culture and background. Rumi, the most popular poet in North America today, said it best – “Love is an emerald. Its brilliant light wards off dragons on this treacherous path.”

The Emerald Hills Institute is founded on the idea that love – for our community, each other, and even ourselves – is best expressed through service, with the two roses of these emerald hills being tolerance and dialogue.

Ralph Waldo Emerson taught that which we give attention to grows. When we give attention to love through service, we become better – as human beings, as family, as a community. This is the purpose of The Emerald Hills Institute, to celebrate the fertile hills and hearts of our Utah community through service to the members of our extended human family. Join us, and be a part of our family.

We need this, perhaps now more than ever.