Our team would like to thank everyone who contributed towards funding our new building. This was a project we were working on for almost a year. We are so thankful that we had your support in the process. Please read our story below.

Emerald Hills Institute was founded as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization by a group of dedicated volunteers in Salt Lake City, Utah – citizens of the world who have been drawn to this area and now call it home. Our mission was to build an inclusive community through active conversations among different faiths, cultures, and world views. Over the past few years, we have achieved this goal by hosting multi-faith and intercultural get-togethers, and giving back to the community around us. Education plays a crucial role in shaping the values and norms of society. Keeping this in mind EHI has over the years, organized Lecture series, Book signing events, an ongoing Weekend School program, After School program, Language and ACT/SAT classes, Art Workshops, Congressional Award Mentorship Program and Cooking classes.

As stated in our description, we are a non-profit organization, meaning most of our financial support comes from generous donors, outside donations, and grants, which we were able to get through hosting events while working toward our mission. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, we could no longer host events in our previous building. Everything has been virtual since. We are in the active process of rebooting what we once had in person, and acquiring this building was the first leap to normalcy.

Your donations mean a lot to us and will help us immensely, in once again bringing together the community we once had. We are eager to meet you again in person at our future programs.


Emerald Hills Institute Executive Team

If you have not received a donation letter and need one for your tax purposes please email finance@emeraldhillsinstitute.org
Further questions and comments please email info@emeraldhillsinstitute.org
Reach out zeynep@emeraldhillsinstitute.org with any suggestions and ideas that you may have on interesting joint projects.