Emerald Hills Institute
Emerald Hills Institute is proud to announce the recognition of two dedicated volunteers Hulya Kablan and Zeynep Kariparduc
receiving Hearts and Hands award on Utah Philanthropy Day.

Utah Philanthropy Day is Utah’s flagship celebration of philanthropy and volunteerism.

Since 1999, the Association of Fundraising Professionals Utah Chapter, Utah Nonprofits Association, and UServeUtah have celebrated Utah’s outstanding philanthropists and volunteers at the annual Utah Philanthropy Day Luncheon.

This award acknowledges those people who make significant contributions to an organization’s mission through their volunteer or philanthropic service.

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Hulya Kablan
Hulya is a highly deserving candidate for the Heart & Hands Award, and several compelling reasons underscore her suitability for this honor. With a robust educational background, including a master’s degree in Secondary School Science and Math Education and her ongoing pursuit of an Ed.D in Instruction and Curriculum, she demonstrates unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth. Over 16 years of experience as a science teacher at various educational levels, she has made a profound impact on her students, receiving Congressional acknowledgment as a testament to her excellence in education. Hulya’s commitment to preserving Turkish art and culture, as evidenced by her work as a registered artisan with Utah Arts and Museums, adds to her unique contributions. Furthermore, her profound belief in education as the key to solving global problems reflects her passion for making a positive impact on the world. As a devoted mother, wife, and pet owner, she embodies the values of family and care. Additionally, her role as the Volunteer Education Director at Emerald Hills Institute showcases her ongoing commitment to educational and community initiatives, further solidifying her status as an exemplary candidate for this prestigious award.

Zeynep Kariparduc
Zeynep’s exceptional dedication as Dialogue Director of the Emerald Hills Institute for nearly a decade stands as a compelling reason for her nomination for the Heart & Hands Award. Her long-standing commitment to community engagement, coupled with her roles as a lifelong educator, interfaith and community leader, and Muslim faith representative, demonstrates her unwavering devotion to promoting cultural diversity, dialogue, and understanding. In addition to her role at the Institute, she has conducted and led adult classes, art workshops, cooking classes, lectures, panels, exhibits, discussions, luncheons, and more, showcasing her diverse and impactful contributions to her community. Her tenure as an active member of the interfaith community eventually led her to become the Chair of the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable. Zeynep has a strong ability to bridge gaps and foster community unity. Zeynep’s founding of the “Talk in Action” volunteer group where she brings people of different faiths to get community work together. Her recognition with the Utah Business Magazine Living Color Gala Diversity & Inclusion award in 2020 further underscores her significant impact in uniting diverse populations and fostering love, harmony, and understanding, making her a deserving candidate for this prestigious award.