Emerald Hills Institute
On a remarkable day in Utah, USA, we celebrated an iftar dinner with over fifty members of the Kazakh community. This event highlighted the significance of unity and connection among us. It was a touching moment to witness the elders, who came to America for their grandchildren, bestowing blessings, and the youth, who moved for work or study, forging new bonds. The sight of Mr. Richard wearing a Kazakh shapan in honor of his wife and our culture was the highlight, symbolizing deep respect for the Kazakh people. We are honored to host and sincerely thank all participants for contributing to this magnificent gathering. Your presence added immeasurable beauty to the evening, making it feel like a slice of Kazakhstan abroad. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for families to get closer, sharing a piece of home with each other. To the Kazakh community in America, may our unity and spirit continue to flourish. To those who joined us, including students and professionals, your presence made this event truly special.