Emerald Hills Institute
group photo
The Salt Lake Family Church (FFWPU) and Utah Chapter of the Universal Peace Federation invited their interfaith friends to attend an “Interfaith Prayer Breakfast for Peace” on Saturday, February 3, 2024 at their local church in Sugarhouse in conjunction with other events taking place during World Interfaith Harmony Week.
 After a lively breakfast participants made their way to the chapel where the Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace was held. Mrs. Wendy Stovall, Co-Pastor and Executive Director of the Utah Chapter of the Universal Peace Federation emceed the program. Five people were invited to offer prayers and to talk briefly about their faith. Mrs. Zeynep Kariparduc from Emerald Hills Institute represented Islam, Mrs. Indra Neelameggham, Hinduism: Fr. Langes Silva, Catholicism: Rev. Anna Zumwalt, Buddhism and Pastor Michael Stovall, Unificationism. 
The program began with a water ceremony, where each representative poured a glass of water into a bowl symbolizing the joining of faiths into one centering on God. Each person was asked to offer a short prayer, which was later followed by brief explanations of their faith, music and silent prayer and meditation. 
Written by Wendy Stovall