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Ashure[1] (TurkishaşureBulgarian and Macedonian: ашуре) or Noah's Pudding is a Turkish dessert congee that is made of a mixture consisting of grainsfruitsdried fruits and nuts. In Turkey it is made all the year and served especially during Muharram,[2] the first month of the Islamic calendar, as the 10th of Muharrem corresponds to the Day of Ashure. ("Ashura" means "tenth" in Arabic.) Ashure is part of the culinary tradition of Turkey as well as many of the surrounding countries like GreeceChristian and Jewish cultures, as well as Muslims, share similar versions of this dessert under a variety of names.

Ashure is one of the limited set of Turkish desserts which contain no animal products. One reason behind it is arguably protesting all kinds of violence and bloodshed.Traditionally, Ashure is made in large quantities to commemorate the ark's landing and is distributed to friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, among others, without regard to the recipient's religion or belief system as an offering of peace and love. Ashure was traditionally made and eaten during the colder months of the year as it is calorie rich fare, but now it is enjoyed year-round.

From: Wikipedia