Emerald Hills Institute
Emerald Hills Institute was proud to welcome over 200 guests to their Interfaith Ramadan Iftar Dinner on Saturday, March 16th. The night began with an introduction to Ramadan by emcee Kara Vail. Later, a panel discussion led by Rubina Halwani featured Molly Wetzel from the LDS community, Andalin Bachman from the Jewish community, Davron Mukhabbatov from the Muslim community, and Very Reverend Langes J. Silva from the Catholic community. The panelists talked about how people in their unique faiths practice fasting and the significant role of fasting in each of their lives. The Muslim call to prayer was performed and guests were happy to line up and fill their plates with a delicious Turkish meal. Guests were encouraged to talk with the people at their table about their perceptions of fasting and celebrate and cultural differences they had.

At the end of the night Zeynep Kariparduc, board member of the Emerald Hills Institute gave the closing speech and the night was concluded with a closing prayer by Jeff Wetzel from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Ultimately, the event was a great success and all participants left with the fundamental understanding that among all faith communities fasting is a way to feel closer to God and, connecting with your local community is always better with a delicious meal.

Written by Kara Vail